State Secretary in the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning - NEBI REXHEPI


Born on January 6, 1979 in Gostivar.
Nationality: Albanian, Republic of North Macedonia

LGUs – Municipality of Vrapciste
Department of Urbanism, Spatial Planning and Environment
Referent for geodetic works
• Collection and processing of spatial data through photointerpretation of panchromatic and multispectral image material, field acquisition with GPS measurement and digitization from raster substrates

Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning
Environment Directorate
Noise Advisor
• Organizing public debates for the development of Action Plans for noise and preparing a Report on the public opinion.
• Monitoring the noise situation through State Monitoring Network and local monitoring networks, analyzing the data from the monitoring of the noise situation and submitting a monitoring report for the needs of other state authorities and institutions.
• Proposing an annual Work Program for the state network for noise monitoring and giving an opinion on the annual Work Program for the local network.

Part-time engagement as a surveying engineer in a private surveying firm.

Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning
Department of Spatial Planning
Advisor for implementation of spatial plan of R.M
• Implementation of certain functions from the scope of the unit in the development and implementation of the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Macedonia and other spatial plans for regions catchment areas, spatial plans of municipalities and areas of special interest for the Republic of Macedonia, as well as coordination of their implementation process.

Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning
Department of Spatial Planning
Assistant Head of the Department of Spatial Planning

Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning
Chief of Cabinet of the Minister

2016 – current
University of Tetovo
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Department of Geodesy and Geoinformatics
Assistant Professor

Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning
Department of Spatial Planning
Head of the Department of Spatial Planning

• Management of the Spatial Planning Department
• Implementation of the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Macedonia
• Coordination of the work of the Spatial Planning Agency
• Establishing a system for the implementation of Spatial Plan of the Republic of Macedonia
• Representation of the ministry in intersectoral bodies, commissions and working groups in Republic of North Macedonia
• Preparation of the participation of the MOEPP (Minister) at thematic meetings, conferences, etc.

Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Republic of Turkiye
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Major Geodesy and Photogrammetry
University studies of geodesy and photogrammetry: cartography, GIS, urban planning, spatial data processing, industrial geodesy, cadaster, history of geodesy, etc.
Graduated Geodetic Engineer

High school of Foreign Languages, Yildiz, Istanbul, Republic of Turkiye
Learning professional English as a prerequisite for enrollment in studies
Diploma BULATS

Istanbul University
Turkish Language High School
High School Education
Secondary Vocational School Centre Zlate Malakoski, Gostivar
Mechanical Technician

Elementary education
Naim Frasheri, Negotino – Polog

- Training on the connection of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) with the EIA /SEA Directive, 2015 Prague – Czech Republic
- Швајцарија Housing and Land Management training, 2016 Geneva – Switzerland
- The connection between appropriate assessment with EIA/SEA, 2016 Ankara – Turkiye
- Open Regional Fund for South East Europe – Biodiversity “Transboundary Ecosystem Management (TEM)”, 2017 Tirana, Albania.
- Land-Use Planning and Industrial Safety, 2018 Mechelen, Belgium
- Regional Consultation on Land Consolidation Legislation, 2018 Skopje.
- Strengthening the capacities for the application of national policy and practices for sustainable transport – based on the recommendations from the Environmental Performance Reviews – EPR, 2019 Budva – Montenegro.
- Sub-Regional Workshop on Land-Use planning and Industrial Safety, 2020 Belgrade, Serbia
- Eleventh session of the World Urbanism Forum (WUF11), 2022 Katowice – Poland.
- Integrating biodiversity into environmental impact assessment, 2022 Vienna, Austria.

- Authorization for an authorized surveyor to perform surveying works. 2013 – current.
- Authorization for an authorized court expert for expertise in the field of geodesy, 2020 – current
- Member of the council of NSDI of RNM, 2014 – current
- Chairman of the working group for monitoring the development of the new Spatial Plan of RNM 2020-2040.

- Member of DUI (Democratic Union for Integration)
- Candidate for deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, parliamentary elections in 2014.
- Head of the council list for councilors in the municipality of Vrapcishte, local elections in 2017.
- Candidate for mayor of the municipality of Vrapcishte, local elections 2021.
- President of the municipal branch of DUI for the municipality of Vrapcishte, 2022
- Secretary of the DUI Transport and Communications Secretariat, 2022

• Albanian – native
• Macedonian
• English
• Turkish
• Serbian


• High communication skills
• Creating and leading teams
• Competence in knowledge transfer and training
• Coordination and communication of international meetings
• Mediatоr in a multicultural environment
• Excellent presentation skills

• Ability to communicate and administer people, projects and budgets
• Organizational skills to work under pressure and in stressful situations
• Assessment and appreciation of creativity in team work
• Analytical with research skills