Wastewater Treatment Plant will be constructed in Strumica

1(24.12.2015).Today, the Minister of Environment and Physical PlanningNurhan Izairi, the Mayor of Strumica Municipality Zoran Zaev and the Director of the Public Communal Enterprise “Komunalec” – Strumica Zoran Gorgiev signed the contract for implementation of the IPA project “Construction of wastewater treatment plant in the Municipality of Strumica”.

The overall value of the Contract concerning the construction of this infrastructure facility is 8.4 million EUR and the funds have been provided by the EU Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (EU) envisaged under the Operational Programme for Regional Development 2007 – 2013 (part: environment) and co-financed by the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia. The wastewater treatment plant will be constructed with a capacity for 53.500 equivalent inhabitants and it will treat urban waste waters from the area of Strumica Municipality and, as well as industrial waste waters discharged in the sewerage system. Namely, the wastewater treatment plant will treat the urban wastewaters from the City of Strumica and settlements Banica, Dobrejci, Gradsko, Baldovci, Sachevo, Dabilje, Murtino, Prosenikovo and waste waters from the Free Economic Zone Sachevo. The development of the wastewater treatment plantwill contribute significantly to the improvement of the quality of the waters in the river Trakajna and the river Strumica and protection of Monospitovo Swamp will be secured.

The project implementation will start in January 2016, upon conclusion of the contract with the selected bidder. Construction of the економска зона Сачево. Со изградбата на will last 18 months and it is expected to be finished in July 2017, to be followed by the guarantee period of one year.

For the purpose of this Project, tender for selection of supervision over the execution of civil works related to the construction of the wastewater treatment plants in Radovish, Kichevo and Strumica and it is currently in a process of evaluation in the Ministry of Finance.