Department of Public Relations


Department of Public Relations (DPR) is a link between the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and public. It was founded in January 1999 as Public Relations Office at recommendation and with financial support of the European Union. It consists of two Units: Unit for public relations and Unit for public awareness increase and education.

The main role of DPR is:

  1. Provision of transparency and public accessibility of information on various aspects of environment protection;
  2. Promotion of education in the field of environment protection for better understanding through involvement in different scientific and educational programmes;
  3. Increase of public awareness and understanding of major environmental problems and options for possible solutions towards improved environmental conditions;
  4. Receiving useful information by citizens and organizations possessing personal and specialized knowledge of resources and problems in environment that cannot be obtained otherwise;
  5. Information for decision making purposes with regard to environmental priorities and solutions and public participation in decision making process;
  6. Development of databases of relevant institutions, organizations, businessmen and individuals necessary for information and application of certain processes in environment;

The main principle of the Department’s performance is two-way communication, i.e. information giving to and receiving from public based on Aarhus Convention and Law on Free Access to Information of Public Nature. Improved preventive influence on ecological living culture can only be achieved through good information and environmental education.

Public Relations Department exercises its primary function through:

Cooperation with media, which includes:

Cooperation with civil sector acting in the environment, including:

Implementation of activities for public awareness increase and environmental education covering

Cooperation with media, which includes:

Public computers

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