Departent of Financial Affairs

Department of Financial Affairs of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning performs the following tasks and activities within the scope of:

  • Observation and enforcement of t laws and bylaws in the area of budget and financial operations;
  • Preparation, performance and reporting on the performance of the budget for the entity, preparation of the strategic plan of the budget, amendment of the budget and strategic plan of the entity, control over the preparation and performance of the budget, performance of ex-ante and  ex-post financial control
  • Preparation of financial plan for the budget execution (monthly, periodical and annual) for the entity, constituent bodies and individual beneficiaries of the entity, monitoring of revenues collection and settlement of the expenditures of the entity, accounting related to budget execution and preparation of annual statement.

Prepares plan for establishment of financial management and control, as well as methodology for the plan implementation;

  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statement in the domain of internal audit, preparation, reception, liquidation and control of accounting documentation, calculation and payment of salaries to the staff of the entity, enforcement of laws, bylaws and other regulations in the sphere of public procurement
  • Management, monitoring and control of the status and trends of assets and sources of funds for the entity specified in the budget
  • Preparation of annual plan for public procurement and its implementation

The Department of Financial Affairs carries out its tasks and responsibilities through the following four units: Unit for budget coordination, Unit for budget control, Unit for accounting and payment operations, and Unit for public procurement.